Goddess Yasemin
You have no free will, my toy!
You have no free will, my toy!

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I control everything. You are my toy. I will take away your free will and fuck your brain out! This is the most extreme thing you've ever experienced. I will play with your head and fuck it up! Your mind will dull and your thoughts will be controlled by me! You will now completely focus on me, you will lose control and you will inhale, over and over again until you lose your will! You will lose control... With every breath I will enter more and more into your head until I am deep inside. There is only me in your head. Only me. I am the most important thing in your world. The thought that it will be like this makes you nervous, doesn't it? Yet that's exactly what you need and what makes you horny! You need the control I bring, you need the dependence and you get it now! Breathe in, lose your will and be my toy!