Goddess Yasemin
Slave tasks for my birthday, 12th March
Slave tasks for my birthday, 12th March

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You will now get your slave tasks for my birthday. It is on 12th March - 12/3 - and from now on it will be noted in your brain as the most important day of the year! 1, 2, 3... you can easily remember that and every time you see these three numbers, you willthink of my birthday and think of me! So what do you have to do? You will dedicate yourself to my Amazon wishlist, send vouchers or pay tributes and not only on 12th March, but from the moment you buy this clip. From now on you will pay a monthly tax. A tax for the fact that you losers even exist and are allowed to see me! If I want you to pay, then you will! So buy the clip and while you watch it you will send your first gift voucher or tribute and you will thank me for letting you give me a present!