Goddess Yasemin
Goddess Yasemin
Written on 13.05.2022 at 16:51 by Goddess Yasemin

All good things are... 4 !


I look forward to our next girls' night on 28.05.2022 in Oberhausen!


As always with it: Of course me!

Also as always with us: Lady Nora

Finally with us again: Lady Zora

And for the first time we have a fourth lady on board: Goddess Kira Gold


Also this time we ladies have a nice evening together and will use our entourage as we like. Since we are extremely generous, we will even make allowances for some preferences. We promise: Everyone gets his money's worth here! Especially us, of course! ;-)


The first places are already taken, but we are still accepting applications! So if you manage to submit a decent application, you still have good chances! Send me your application with the following information: Preferences, taboos, previous experience, suggested tribute.


Beginners are welcome!


We are already looking forward to a great evening!


Goddess Yasemin

Lady Nora, Lady Zora and Goddess Kira Gold

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 18.04.2022 at 11:38 by Goddess Yasemin
Goddess Yasemin
Written on 29.03.2022 at 11:45 by Goddess Yasemin

From now on I can be met every Thursday and Friday in the domicile of the Countess (Domizil der Gräfin) in Düsseldorf!


I dive together with you into a world full of passion and dominance and with my aura I pull you under my spell!


I distinguish myself through my diversity, can face you sensitively and empathetically as well as imperiously and roughly. In every situation but always decisive. What makes your knees soften? I will feel it and know how to exploit it for myself. When I can read your lust from your face or body, when you twitch, give me pleading looks and your horniness fills the whole room, you feed my gleeful soul and I really get going!


Let yourself fall and lead, because from now on you belong to me! I promise you that you will take me home in your head and think of me for a long time!


Secure an appointment with me!


Bizarrlady Yasemin Jones

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 04.02.2022 at 14:01 by Goddess Yasemin

Hello slaves, fans and fetishists,


our next girls night is finally coming up! With us this time again Lady Nora and I and for the first time, and with that I announce a great comeback: PRINCESS SERENA!


When? The first weekend in March Friday/Saturday, usually we meet around 6 pm- Open End

Where? Around Oberhausen, Germany


3 Mistresses are present at the same time, as well as several subs. The number of available places can vary. Sometimes we give away only 2 places, sometimes 6. Therefore you should apply as soon as possible, before all places are taken!


You may apply with the following information:


- Can you rather come on 04.03. or on 05.03.?

- A list of your likes, dislikes and what you'd like to try out

- You propose a tribute for the whole evening and 3 mistresses! We have a minimum tribute for participation, but want to see initiative from you!


We select massively in advance, so you should put a lot of effort into your application!


Beginners are welcome!


Goddess Yasemin

as well as Lady Nora and Princess Serena

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 09.12.2021 at 17:37 by Goddess Yasemin

Christmas is just around the corner and that means for you to give me a treat this year! I have of course, as every year, again generously gifted myself - with a new sofa, which should arrive before Christmas. On it I will then soon sit every evening with my big butt and do nasty things with the man who is currently hot for me of which you can only dream! 

The sofa is already paid, but since I am known for my generosity, I give YOU the chance to share the cost! 1300€ will surely get together easily by you and other slaves!

Best of all, everyone who contributes to the cost of my sofa will get a place of honor on the front page of my website and will be named with the amount paid (unless that is not wanted). THAT is an absolute honor for you! A nice bonus: My paypigs want to beat each other! ;)

Penny-pinchers have to participate, too! The tribute button on my website will be running hot from now on!

Let the games begin! And for the record: I want to have my sofa refunded until Christmas!


Goddess Yasemin