Goddess Yasemin
Goddess Yasemin
Written on 23.07.2019 at 22:36 by Goddess Yasemin

Tomorrow I will be at a lake, spoiling my beautiful body in the sun and sand. My little feet will play with the sand between my toes and to cool down I will, from time to time, dip my round, sexy ass into the cold water... and I don't like bikini marks ;-)

I will give you two clues about where I'll be:

1. The lake is located in the Ruhr area of Germany.
2. The lake is not public.

If you find me, you can crawl to my feet, bring a cold bottle of Pepsi Light and give me your money! And then you can fuck off again hahaha :D Do you dare? Can you find me? Slaves who I already know will get further clues if necessary ;-)

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 19.07.2019 at 19:49 by Goddess Yasemin

You want to get to know me? Here you get a very private insight and I give you a fun fact: I am a series junkie. ;-) You thought you would get a deeper, more valuable insight into me? That's not for you, loser! ;) You don't get to know me. You only get to serve me! I'm now watching the 3rd part of a series that you can only fin on the streaming provider with the "N"! You don't want me to spoil it, do you? Then buy a clip, send me a tribute or give me something from my Amazon wish list. Maybe you'll get a message from me tomorrow ;P

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 18.07.2019 at 20:57 by Goddess Yasemin

I know you like to get your little slave brain fucked. But I have come up with something very special. You will never be able to replace my precious time, but I have just ordered something. YOU will of course reimburse the cost! WHAT I bought is still a secret! ;)  But you will know what you paid fo when you see it - I promise! ;) It will arrive next Wednesday. A few days to shoot, cut, upload. Then you can prepare for a real brainfuck. So make yourself useful and pay me a tribute for the purchase price or send me an Amazon voucher!

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 16.07.2019 at 20:32 by Goddess Yasemin

I'm happy! The weather will be better again tomorrow and I can finally put my luxury ass on my balcony couch, which my Cucki bought me at the beginning of the month. I am very proud of him, because he is doing very well! Cucki is allowed to rent the keys to his chastity belt lock once a month. Next week I will visit an event with Cucki. Maybe I'll take the keys with me and tease a little? Cucki? What do you think? ;) Tomorrow I will shoot new clips again. As you may have noticed noticed, the clips are online on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So, check back tomorrow ;) My horny ass will be there to admire once again.

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 13.07.2019 at 20:50 by Goddess Yasemin

Yeah, it's just this simple. A slave contacted me for the first time a few days ago and sent me an unsolicited first tribute. Over the following days he went to a lot of trouble, accepted a task, bought something from my shop, contacted me regularly, etc. I have therefore seen his potential and the slave will today have desire to meet me fulfilled. Now you know how to do it. Follow his example!!!