Goddess Yasemin
Goddess Yasemin
Written on 06.10.2019 at 22:17 by Goddess Yasemin

I have a big surprise for you - you may take part in my next clip!!! I will rate your big or small, thick or thin, hairy or shaved cocks. Are you curious as to what I would say about yours?

Well here's how you can participate: Take a picture of your dick while holding in your hand a note in the picture which says "Goddess Yasemin, please rate my dick/micropenis [or whatever your term of choice] in your clip, [today's date]".

Send me the picture and see if I have anything to say about your cock! I'm already looking forward to it. I'm sure it will give me plenty to laugh about! Once the video is online, I will announce it here!

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 06.08.2019 at 22:12 by Goddess Yasemin

You were allowed to admire some of my pictures as thumbnails. Here's another one, which you may admire in my new photo album in full resolution with another 24 (!!!) pictures! You love it when I'm wearing very little, don't you? Here you have the chance to worship a total of 25 pictures of your perfect goddess in beachwear and a bikini! Buy the album, set me as your background everywhere and send me a message!

Click here: Photo album

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 28.07.2019 at 15:17 by Goddess Yasemin

Some of you may not have seen it yet, but when I'm online it's usually worth chatting rather than sending single messages back and forth ;-) Are you online? Then let's chat!

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 26.07.2019 at 10:15 by Goddess Yasemin

On Wednesday I was, as previously mentioned, at a lake and I gave you and some other slaves a few clues on how to find me. None of you losers succeeded, but I know you thought of me while I was lying by the lake. Only one person, two days later, figured out where I was. This confirms once again that the place is a secret oasis and I guess none of you want to be seen there ;-) I still won't tell you where I was though. My secret alternative to the overcrowded Silbersee in Haltern is simply too good.

So... my friend and I were at the lake. She often helps me shoot movies for you when I don't have a tripod at hand and we thought we would take the camera with us. So that we wouldn't be disturbed when shooting and taking photos, we looked for a small sandy bay between the trees. As it turned out though, quite a few people came by. It didn't take long until the first guy came up to us and asked excitedly if we would take nude photos. A short time later two nudists turned up. One, an art teacher (who would have thought that?), was extremely curious. "What are you doing? What is your name? Where do I find these pictures then?" etc. We made a little fun out of it and got into conversation. He was allowed to watch when my girlfriend took some great pictures of my ass. You could clearly see he was excited... but not on his face... Had I mentioned how much of a I can tease I can be? ;-)

As I wanted to get on and shoot the clips, but without being disturbed by onlookers or people wanting to chat, we moved along to a quieter spot on the beach. There was nobody in sight... but not for long. A litle way along the beach four boys appeared. "Let's go see those girls, they're hot and they looked at us!" I was impressed by their self-confidence, but they looked about 10 years younger than us ^_^

It wasn't long before the art teacher came paddling along in his kayak and asked if he could watch again... "You don't see this every day!". I made it clear to him that we can't use the video if he makes a noise, splashes around in the water or disturbs us in any other way. You would think a teacher would be able to understand that, right?!

So I focused on what I was doing and tried not to get distracted, performing a little JOI to the camera, ordering you to wank your little loser dick. I pointed my ass at the camera, turned around and, behind my girlfriend who was concentrating on filming, sat the nudist art teacher actually jerking off his far too small loser's dick! I am very direct and shouted at him "NO! You're not allowed to wank!". "I'm not?" he asked. "Oh, excuse me. That was just so sexy." "Look," I said, "a loser like you needs to pay to jerk off, just like all the other slaves!". I guess that put him off... almost. He disappeared into the water. Maybe he just wanted to cool down, but I assume he 'relieved' himself. At least he left us in peace afterwards ;)

You can be sure that if that had been one of my slave there would have been real trouble, including painful punishment followed by caging of his cock! Without permission, jerking off just isn't alllowed and definitely not in my presence! But you good piglets know that...

Not long afterwards a dog showed up, followed by a security guy in a truck, honking his horn from 50 metres away, waving his arm and shouting at us to clear off. What with that and more people arriving after work, be decided to make our way home.

This is what my everyday life looks like :D

If you want to read more about what happens in my private life, just let me know. In the meantime you will see the clips and photos from that day here in the next 2-3 week. I am curious to see how they turned. I'm sure they will be beautiful pictures :)

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 23.07.2019 at 22:36 by Goddess Yasemin

Tomorrow I will be at a lake, spoiling my beautiful body in the sun and sand. My little feet will play with the sand between my toes and to cool down I will, from time to time, dip my round, sexy ass into the cold water... and I don't like bikini marks ;-)

I will give you two clues about where I'll be:

1. The lake is located in the Ruhr area of Germany.
2. The lake is not public.

If you find me, you can crawl to my feet, bring a cold bottle of Pepsi Light and give me your money! And then you can fuck off again hahaha :D Do you dare? Can you find me? Slaves who I already know will get further clues if necessary ;-)