Goddess Yasemin
Goddess Yasemin
Written on 14.06.2020 at 19:21 by Goddess Yasemin

Besides the videos you can buy at my website and in my stores, I am always open to further suggestions as to what you would like to see in my clips ;) If there is enough demand there's a good chance I will produce something featuring your subject ;)

Send me a message and tell me what you would like to see in one of my clips!

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 26.05.2020 at 21:07 by Goddess Yasemin

You look me in the eye. You can't stand my look. For one thing you're no match for me. For another because your gaze is about to wander down to my breasts. Well? Have you been caught?

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 05.04.2020 at 18:29 by Goddess Yasemin

I'm introducing the following: From now on, you will pay daily until the lockdown is over. No exceptions, no excuses! You will pay daily! I don't care how you pay it. Either you write a paid message, buy videos, call or send tributes! "I can't!" or "I don't want to!" doesn't count.

I decide and you have to work. Understand?! Sometimes you have to make tough calls. We're going to do this from now until the end of lockdown. Maybe it'll be over in a week, maybe not for four or five weeks. We'll see. Either way, you pay.

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 16.03.2020 at 19:32 by Goddess Yasemin

For the time being there will be no cash meets or live sessions and I will not send any used items such as condoms, socks, shoes etc. You will have to be patient! But my website playground is enough for you.
A place where you can let off steam. With self-isolation and lockdowns, you have plenty of time so spend here! Should you still get bored (because you have already bought all the clips ;) ), you will get some task or other from me!

So make sure you read my email newsletters and any private messages I send you. Check that my mails don't end up in your spam folder and if they do, you will mark them as "Not Spam". That way you won't miss anything again!

So now top up your credits on my site, so that I am happy and you are kept busy! ;)

Goddess Yasemin
Written on 06.03.2020 at 15:43 by Goddess Yasemin

Next week, on March 12th, it's my birthday! You may give me - in addition to your other tributes, etc - an expensive present!

Send me tributes, gifts from my wish list, call me, come to my chat...
the possibilities are almost unlimited! For you it's like Christmas and Easter in one day, isn't it? ;)

By the way, this picture was taken behind-the-scenes during a shoot!